CleeQ Garo Sero Toothbrush

1. Using state-of-the-art German fiber technology,

Using state-of-the-art German fiber technology,
soft single-sided and double-sided fine fibers were used for its elasticity
to massage gums softly when brushing your teeth.

2. Doctor of dentistry with over 40 years of dental treatment experience

The Garo Sero toothbrush fibers that have been developed with
Dr. Plotka, a professor of dentistry with 40+ years of experience,
has increased fiber ability that reach spaces
in between the teeth. The horizontal fiber arrangement allows
for delicate brushing even in areas where teeth overlap,
giving a refreshing feeling similar to flossing.

3. Colored toothbrush bristles and functions

Blue: soft bristles, fine areas
Yellow: nano-silver antibacterial bristles, germ control
Red: soft bristles, for toothpaste

4. Ecozen toothbrush handle

Plant materials from corn and wheat
were used to produce this special plastic.
It does not contain bisphenol A, a common ingredient in plastic,
making this toothbrush handle harmless and eco-friendly.

5. Designed by Swedish illustrator

Sandra Isaksson
Using illustrations that feature north European nature on the product,
her art adds a premium feel to the design.