The EQ Maxon Pharmaceutical central lab has created the best products for customers since its establishment in 2011. In addition to oral hygiene products, our lab works hard in developing products in high-value business areas such as personal hygiene products and quasi-drugs.

With an excellent research workforce and state-of-the-art devices, we perform active research to amply fulfill our role as a research facility focusing on personal and oral hygiene products.

In EQ Maxon Pharmaceutical central lab, we consider developing new products, ensuring product improvement, and researching future technologies as our mission.

To accomplish this mission, we work to secure core research personnels and response technologies, analyze customer needs, ascertain new technologies, develop optimal solutions, and secure quality competitiveness.

We are also putting efforts in establishing an R&D system for customer satisfaction and developing creative and innovative products through the use of latest technologies and materials.

Our doors are always open to new ideas in the area of personal and oral hygiene products.
Please contact us if you are looking for the opportunity to commercialize your research or conduct joint research.